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Company AL-SHAMAA WALMNARA Commercial

Company AL-SHAMAA WALMNARA Commercial Since its establishment, we have been based on the original intention of "lighting up the world with lights", using furniture lighting to improve users' home happiness, using lighting to optimize office and commercial spaces, and providing the market with energy-saving and efficient lighting. The Group has always taken "integrity, responsibility, innovation, social responsibility, and friendliness" as its corporate values. Through a series of innovative measures, it has optimized the industrial layout, enhanced brand value, promoted technological innovation, and solidly promoted all-round development. Adhering to the "careful" pursuit of a beautiful light environment, shouldering the responsibility to thousands of consumers, we are constantly committed to the research and development, production and sales of high-quality, high-energy-efficiency products. Photosynthetic Technology Group adheres to the corporate mission of "unlocking the potential of light and improving human life" and enhances corporate competitiveness through various effective measures. At the same time, it connects various external effective resources, integrates resources, develops innovative products, and segments markets. We will continue to grow bigger and stronger, and strive to become China's first and world-class smart lighting company, provide customers with comprehensive and professional lighting application solutions, and construct a harmonious and healthy lighting space for the market.